Local Events/Repeaters

03/11/24 – VE Testing – 05:30PM sponsored by the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club – Parkview Baptist Church, 509 Parkview Pl, Lakeland, 33805.  More information at  https://larc-vec.org/displaysession.php?venue=45

03/11/24 – Lakeland Amateur Radio Club Meeting – 7PM – Parkview Baptist Church, 509 Parkview Pl, Lakeland, 33805.  Google Map.

03/14/24 – Lake Wales Radio Amateurs (LWRA) Meeting – 7PM – Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  Lake Wales City Fire Department Station 1, 253 W Central Ave, Lake Wales, FL 33853  DIRECTIONS: Turn and go east on Central Avenue from U.S. 27. Lake Wales Fire Department Station 1 is about 2000 feet on the south side of Central Avenue, to the right.

03/23/24 – Zephyrhills Area Amateur Radio Club Tailgate – Zephyrhills, FL – 
Website: https://www.zaarc.org

04/13/24 – Tampa ARC Hamfest – 08:00 – 13:00 – 7801 N. 22nd St., Tampa, FL., 33601.  Talk-in on 147.105/+ PL 146.2.  More information at https://hamclub.org

04/27/24 – 04/28/24 – Florida QSO Party – The 2024 Florida QSO Party will be held April 27 & 28. We sure hope you’ll join us by activating your FL HF stations – home, club, school, mobile and expedition all welcomed.  Let’s make all 67 counties RADIO-ACTIVE! Please check out the rules and further details at our Web Site: http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/

05/25/2024 – WormFest 2024 – Pinellas Park, FL – Free Tailgate – Freedom Lake Park in Pinellas Park, FL.  Talk-in on 146.850 (PL 146,2).  Freedom Lake Park is located on the southeast corner of US19 and 49th Street.    On 49th Street go to the light just north of the US19 overpass.  Turn east into Lake Blvd and then immediately turn right onto 102nd Ave N.  Follow 102nd Avenue N around until you come to 46th Street N.  Turn right and the park is straight ahead.  The tailgate is under the trees on the right as you enter the park.

Repeaters (new/changes)

Updated 02/26/2024


The Lakeland Highlands 147.375 repeater began having issues on Sunday, February 20th.  The problems got worse on Monday Feb 21.  The trustee of the repeater is aware of the situation, but it still has issues, which appear to be more on the receive portion of the repeater.   *** Update – as of Feb 21st, the repeater has been returned to its normal outstanding performance.  Give it a try sometime.  The tone is 127.3.

Lakeland Highlands – 146.655/- repeater was previously being used for DMR.  It has been returned back to Narrow FM/P25 dual mode operations.  This repeater uses a tone of 127.3

The WC4PEM network of four linked analog repeaters, now has it’s Echolink connection back online.  On Echolink, search for WC4PEM-R.

There has been an issue that affected the entire NI4CE analog repeater system recently.  Turns out it was the controller at the Lake Placid site.  There is also a power supply issue there.  The Lake Placid NI4CE site has been down for a couple of weeks.  An update on that site was given on 01/31 and the repeater should be back online on 02/02/24.

Although the Bartow D-Star Gateway on 444.4875/+ has been on the air now for a few years, the repeater itself has been swapped out to a newer Icom ID-RP4010V  repeater.  The original is now a backup unit and the Gateway is now running on the newer unit since December of 2023. 

Seffner – One of the newer DMR repeaters in the area is the 442.775/+ KE4PRF in Seffner.  All are welcome to use the repeater, TG1 is local on TS1. 31801 is static, others PTT on Brandmeister, also on TS1. Any TG on TGIF (TS2) welcome.

Indian Lake Estates W4VCO repeater – Joining the other Polk City and Welcome DMR repeaters is the 444.6875/+  DMR repeaters.  This is linked with the other W4VCO repeaters, as well as supporting popular talkgroups such as Florida Statewide 3112.  

Bartow 145.270/-     The Bartow Fusion/Wires-X repeater, a collaboration between the Polk County Schools Radio Society, the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club, and Lake Wales Radio Amateurs, is on the air.  It’s current status is that it has been operating as a Fusion repeater for some time, is now registered on the Wires-X system for room ID number 04102, as WC4PEM/R.  The Internet ports for this repeater are in the process of being setup and it should be available as a new Wires-X Gateway soon!  


The Lakeland NXDN repeater, which is connected to the NI4CE repeater system as an affiliate on 444.6625, is OFF THE AIR as of Monday, February 26th.  It is going to be moving to a new location.  Use the Bartow NXDN repeater on 442.1375 to access the NI4CE repeater system.

After extraordinary growth in 2023, including the addition of 3 new NXDN linked repeaters in a matter of 9 days, the NI4CE NXDN repeater system continues to grow.  A map of the NXDN repeaters can be found by clicking here.

The repeater in Sanibel has been having some minor issues that are to be corrected int he near future.  The repeater is ready for installation, and all that is needed is the time and availability to replace it.

Expect to see another NXDN repeater on the air that will be called “Charlotte East” in the very near future.  Stay tuned for updates…..

Sebring – The 442.900/+ repeater (with a 100.0 tone), is a later edition to the SARNET system.  Although the repeater is online, there is still an issue with its connection to the SARNET system.  Hopefully that will be resolved in the near future.

Did You Know?

Many are aware of FCC Part 97.101(D), General Standards, which states “no amateur operator shall willfully or maliciously interfere with or cause interference to any radio communication or signal.”  You’ll hear this rule mentioned in some net preambles.

But… did you know that Florida itself has a rule regarding interfering with radio communications?  You can click here for a link to Florida Statute Chapter 877, Section 27, which states unauthorized transmissions to, or interference with, a public or commercial radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission is prohibited.

This is a video on research being done on how the two meter band is utilized in Florida.

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